JCH Consulting, Inc.
Exterior Envelope Consultants

Main Components of Our Servcices

Comprehensive Systems Analysis

​One of the two major components of our services is investigation and correction of roof problems.  
We have consulted with owners and designers on the design of new buildings and the analysis of 
existing roofs and wall conditions.  We are familiar with the problems and solutions for new roof 
systems, both flat including EPDM, TPO, PVC and built-up roof systems. JCH has extensive 
experience with older roof systems including copper, slate, and terra cotta tile.

Our other primary service is investigation of exterior wall systems.  One of our strengths is 
considerable experience with masonry and brick veneer buildings.  We have investigated and 
supervised the repair of historic buildings with load bearing brick, stone and brownstone, as well as 
many types of veneer, curtain wall buildings and wood framed buildings.  We have worked on many 
older buildings with complicated roof and wall intersection, intricate flashing details and complex 
masonry construction.
  • Visual inspections from ground or from man-lift
  • Reports with findings
  • Recommendations for repairs or replacements with proper systems
  • Extensive photograph documentation
  • Budget Estimates
  •  Items can be prioritized if desired
  • Exploratory work to determine underlying conditions
  • Sample testing performed by others, such as asbestos and core testing
  • Infrared and electronic leak testing by subcontractor

Construction Documents

​Once the survey and inspection portion is complete JCH can put together bid packages for   
competitive bids with qualified recommended bidders and includes:

  • Computer generated drawings including details, roof plans and elevations as needed
  • Put together details construction AIA format specifications
  • Recommend qualified bidders
  • Hold pre-bid meeting and review bids
  • Supply client with bid summary, check references and recommend bidder

On Site Supervision

​Once the bidding process is complete and a bidder has been awarded the job JCH will work with 
the contractor through out the project through close out and includes as needed:

  • Construction meetings on site and meeting minutes
  • Overseeing construction ensuring specification is being followed
  • Review payment requisitions
  • Create punch list and project close out