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Exterior Envelope Consultants
Representative Projects

Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, RI:  Roof replacement of medical supply 
building.  Construction cost $75,000.  Full exterior survey and report of 30 buildings.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston:  Precast concrete panel caulking, roof replacement and waterproofing
at the Thorne Building. Various roof repairs. Construction cost $475,000 Created Specification and drawings
for the roof replacement at main building.

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Boston: Full exterior survey and report of 3 buildings.        


King's Chapel, Boston:  Historic restoration of Wood Columns.  Restoration of marble.  Construction cost $200,00.  

Kings Chapel Parish House 64 Beacon St, Boston, MA:  Masonry restoration,
brownstone replacement and iron restoration of the front elevation of the parish house. Construction cost $80,000.     

All Saints Church, Worcester:  Full exterior survey, and brownstone restoration.  Construction cost $500,000.  

All Saints Church, Belmont:  Full exterior survey, roof and copper gutter 
replacement, carpentry work, masonry restoration, site work and waterproofing.  Construction cost $700,000.
The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston:  Terra Cotta Dome Repair, plaza 
waterproofing, copper roof replacement, EPDM roof replacement and copper wall cladding.  Construction cost $550,000.  
St. Paul’s Cathedral, Boston:  Masonry and roof survey and specifications written.  
Replacement and repair of EPDM roofs and masonry restoration.  Construction cost $200,000.
St. Paul’s Church, Brockton:  Full exterior survey of roof and wall conditions with 
estimates and outline specifications.  Survey cost $12,000.

St. Stephen’s Church, Boston:  Full exterior survey, bell tower restoration and 
replacement of EPDM roof. Work completed in summer 2001.  Construction cost $800,000.  
Central Congregational Church, Jamaica Plain:  Roof and clock tower survey, EPDM roof replacement,
new copper flashings and copper gutters.  Work completed in summer 2002.  Construction cost $75,000.  

St. George Church, Norwood:  Roof replacement of main church and parish house with asphalt shingles, new
flashings and gutters, coating of 5 copper domes and masonry survey.  Construction Cost $95000.

Boston University, Boston:  roof replacement of various housing buildings including 
masonry restoration.  Construction Costs: $520,000.
Harvard Medical School, Boston:  Survey of marble building, balustrade and 
stairs.  Composed specifications and drawings.  Construction cost $1.2 million.

Baker House, MIT, Cambridge:  Historic restoration of masonry of South and 
East elevation.  Construction cost $80,000.

East Campus Buildings 62 & 64 MIT, Cambridge:  Membrane roof 
replacements on historic buildings.  Construction cost $155,000.
Tang Hall, MIT, Cambridge:  Membrane roof replacement on high-rise building.  
Construction cost $100,000. Foundation waterproofing and drainage installation.  
Construction cost $30,000.
Bexley Hall, MIT, Cambridge:  Membrane roof replacement on historic building.  
Chimney restoration.  Construction cost $200,000.  Masonry Restoration of East Elevation. Construction cost $1800,000.

Guggenheim Building # 33 MIT, Cambridge:  Full exterior survey including windows, masonry walls and roof.  
Ashdown House MIT, Cambridge:  Membrane roof replacement on historic building and brick parapet restoration.  
Construction cost $750,000. Work on brick parapets has been phased for the past 5 years.
McCormick Hall and NW-30 MIT, Cambridge:  Wrote specifications for replacement of 6 roofs and copper flashing.  

Burton Hall, MIT Cambridge:  Rebuilding of brick parapet and restoration of main entrance elevation.  

Construction cost $700,000.

Dexter School, Newton:  Tile roof replacement, membrane roof replacement, 
copper gutters, and window restoration on historic building.  Construction cost 

MATCH Charter School, Brighton: Replace brick and limestone facade with new
waterproofing and flashings.  Concrete repair. Construction Cost $930,000.


Cambridge Public Library, Aberdeen Ave. Branch and O’Connell Branch:  
Historic roof replacement.  Construction cost $100,000.

Rockland Public Library, Rockland:  Copper dome replacement, EPDM and asphalt shingle roof
replacement and aluminum cornice replacement.   Construction cost $300,000.  
City Office Buildings

Cambridge City Hall, Cambridge:  Phase two of masonry restoration, slate roof 
repairs and window restoration.  Construction cost $1,800,000.  
51 Inman Street, Cambridge:  Historic roof and copper replacement.   
Construction cost $100,000.  Phase 1 of masonry restoration.  Construction cost $100,000
Cambridge Cemetery Administration Bldg., Cambridge:  Slate roof, copper 
gutters, masonry restoration and window replacement on historic building.  Cost 
$220,000. Survey of wrought & cast iron fence and support system.   Construction 
cost $350,000.
Rockland Town Hall, Rockland:  Membrane roof replacement specifications.  Construction cost $80,000.

State Transportation Building, Boston:  Estimates for exterior restorations 
including, caulking, waterproofing and roofing for construction.

Belmont Public Works Storage Garage, Belmont:  Write specifications for roof 
and wood siding replacement with structural wood frame repairs.  Project to proceed 
this spring.  

E.B. Newton School Building, Winthrop:  Replacement of asphalt shingle roof and 
restoration of brick chimneys with copper flashings. Construction cost $80,000.
Boston Housing Authority, Codman and Hassan Developments, Boston: 
Exterior masonry and roof survey for specifications completed by Architect.  Review of work in progress.  
Private Owned Buildings
The SYDA Foundation, Chestnut Hill: Full roof survey of historic building.  Survey cost
$11,000.   Slate roof replacement, copper work and limestone restoration.  Construction Cost: $450,000.

Chinese Economic Development Council, Boston:  Masonry restoration,  
structural steel repair and membrane roof replacement. Construction cost $650,000.
Somerset Club, Boston:  Historic slate roof and membrane roof replacement.  Construction cost $100,000.

District 13 Condominiums, Jamaica Plain:  Full Exterior survey, Masonry 
restoration, slate roof repair and copper work.  Construction cost $350,000.
Global Center, Waltham: Membrane roof replacement on 5 buildings. Construction cost $1,500,000.
327 Newbury Street, Boston: Masonry restoration of two elevations.   Construction 
cost $90,000. Currently surveying final elevation for restoration.  

182 Beacon Street, Boston: Full exterior survey with estimates and priorities.  
Wood window restoration and copper roof replacement.  Brick and Brownstone masonry restoration and 
slate roof replacement over 3 phases.  

10 Derne Street, Boston: Exterior restoration of entire building including slate roof, 
copper work, window restoration and masonry restoration.  Construction cost 

308 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston:  Roof and masonry survey, masonry 
specification, masonry restoration, window restoration and membrane roof replacement.
One Main Street, Cambridge:  High rise EPDM roof replacement with metal work.  Construction cost $450,000.
274 Beacon Street, Boston:  Masonry restoration of masonry above the roof-line.
Membrane roof replacement with copper gutters and flashings.  Restoration of large copper
formed skylight.  Construction cost $350,000.  Construction completed fall 2008.  
Rebuild of top two floors of brick wall, restoration outer courtyard, restoration of 
steel relieving angles.  Construction Cost $300,000.  
282 Beacon Street, Boston:  Restoration of five elevations including repairs of structural steel beams,
replacement of parapets with pre-cast concrete details.  Construction cost $3,900,000.  

31-33 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston:  Restoration of brownstone elevation.  Construction cost $550,000.
1 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston:  Restoration of building including slate roofing, 
copper flashings and gutters, limestone and brownstone restoration.  Construction 
Cost $860,000.  Work in progress.

Brickworks, Cambridge: Replacement of wood siding, substrate, flashings and 
install new substrate with new flashings, air and vapor barrier and new siding and trim 
work including structural repairs to wood framing.  Construction Cost $3,000,000.

5 Arlington Street, Boston:  Restoration of brownstone, rebuild 6’ parapet, replace 
balcony roofs and restore wood windows..  Construction Cost $860,000.   

Parking Garages

First street Parking Garage, Cambridge: Full survey and report on garage conditions with estimates and outline specifications.  
Fire Stations

Messer St. Fire Station, Providence, RI:  Full exterior survey with outline 
specifications and budget estimates.  
Somerville Fire Station Headquarters, Somerville:  Replacement of steel 
window lintels and window replacement.  Construction Cost: $125,000.  

Rockland Fire Station, Rockland: Roof survey and specifications written for bid. 
Membrane roof replacement with aluminum flashings.  Construction cost $100,000.   
East Cambridge Fire Station, Cambridge:  Membrane roof replacement.  Copper roof replacement. Construction cost $100,000.  

Inman Square Fire Station, Cambridge:  Membrane roof replacement with copper flashings.  Construction cost $10,000.  
Cambridge Fire Headquarters, Cambridge: Membrane roof replacement with 
copper flashings and masonry repairs.  Construction cost $90,000.  
Other Historic Buildings

Nichols House Museum, Boston: Exterior restoration of entire building including 
slate roof, copper work, window restoration and masonry restoration.  
YWCA, Berkley St., Boston:  Full exterior survey and masonry repairs.  
YWCA, Boston:  Full exterior survey and masonry restoration.  Construction cost up to $100,000. per year for 5 years.        

Horticultural Hall, Boston: Historic roof replacement, copper gutters and built-in gutters.  Construction cost $1,000,000.

Brandegee Estate, Boston:  Membrane roof replacement, removal and 
replacement of marble balustrade to install new copper flashing, copper roof coating 
and stone wall stabilization.  Construction cost $450,000.

State of Maine Data Center, Augusta, ME:  Removal and replacement of copper 
roof with new Sarnafil Décor membrane system.  Construction Cost: $250,000.

We would be happy to supply references from any of the projects listed above as requested.