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JCH Consulting, Inc.
Welcome to JCH Consulting's website.  We want to work with you to help fix your building issues or assisit with the design elements of future builds.  We will work with you on your needs and budget and correct your exterior building issues.
JCH Consulting is a SOMWBA Certified Women Owned Business

​​Since the firm was originally formed in 1979 as John D. Bruce & 
Associates, our clients have included universities, libraries, churches, 
local school boards, hospitals and private building owners.  Each project 
is unique.  We develop a scope of work and budget depending on the 
building type, extent of problems and the client's resources and goals for 
that project.

Our clients need to invest their resources in their buildings in the most 
cost-effective manner.  For each client this may mean a different strategy.  
Because the funds to repair and upgrade buildings are often not all 
available at once, we can develop alternative remedial strategies and 
recommend where limited funds might be spent.  We explain the 
consequences of deferred and/or diminished scopes of work and indicate 
how long various repairs can be postponed.  There are often strategies 
that involve partial restoration that will satisfy both the need to correct 
pressing building problems and a client's financial constraints.  The 
secret to our ability to make these recommendations is our detailed 
inspection that is the basis of the rest of our work.  Without this inspection, 
there can not be any informed discussion of strategies and budgets.

J​CH CONSULTING, INC. provides a wide range of building consulting 
services to public and private clients.  We perform inspections and 
analysis, recommend specific repair programs, prepare specifications, 
develop cost estimates and provide project management services.  We 
tailor our scope of work to the needs of the client.  In some cases we may 
perform only one of the above services and at other times provide the full 
range of services.  We work for building owners as prime consultants and 
we also work for architects and engineers to address the building owner's 
problem.  You can get more details by clicking on the services offered 
navigation bar at the upper right corner of this page.

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